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August 31, 2014

And now, the Roof!

Hi everyone!

When we drove out to the country tonight, we discovered that the roofing has begun. This is another great step as it will help the house become weather proofed. Our dry, warm summer has been very helpful for the progress on the house and it's weird that we've had very little rain. Yet, there is no drought. It's as if the good weather is because of our house build! Everyone keeps shaking their head that we've not had any bad weather at all this summer. Usually, we're hiding out in the basement with tornado warnings or watching the streets and creeks fill with water after a scary torrential summer storm. 

This year? 


But we're not complaining because the weather is to our benefit. Shhhh, don't tell anyone!!

The windows are cut out in the studio now.

The beginning of the shingling process.

Roofing materials on the 
upper deck and on the ground.

We chose a dark grey, 
with bits of light grey in the mix.

Next Sunday, when we return, 
the roof should be all done.

And that's the progress today!

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