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August 6, 2014

A Dark and Stormy Night!

Hi everyone!

We're having quite the dark and stormy night here this evening. Huge, menacing winds, lots of bright lightening and loud cracks of thunder. Not a lot of rain just yet but it's promised in the forecast. After weeks and weeks of sun, it's strange to see the sky so dark and watch the trees bow to the ground. Hoping it doesn't get much worse than this!

I love a good rain storm but personally am extremely frightened of the lightening and thunder. As a child, I remember hiding under my covers, with the pillow over my head and my fingers stuck in my ears so I wouldn't have to see or hear the light and the loud noises. I'd wake up in the morning with a stiff neck and sore arms. I'm still like that, even as an adult!

Thankfully, everyone else here in the house is calm. The only one who gets skittish is me. A friend just posted that a bolt of lightening struck the transformer in her yard but everyone is okay. They have no power, but at least there is no damage. My husband just called me to say he's having a hard time getting home from the city after his theatre rehearsal because some of the major roads he would normally take are blocked off. They got a huge downpour in the city, which he thinks might be heading our way. It has started and I can hear the pitter patters getting louder on the roof. I'm shutting down now so I can hunker down, with my head under a pillow and my fingers stuck in my ears, at least until my lovey gets home! Wish us luck that it stops soon.

Are you scared of storms? 
Do you hide out when they arrive?


Cheapchick said...

I don't mind storms myself, hubby misses the thunder and lightening and we haven't had a decent rain in 6 weeks. Stay safe!

Chy said...

It all turned out okay. The city definitely was hit worse, with flooding and many lightening strikes causing fires and power outages. Today was beautiful, with blue skies and just the right amount of heat but not hot. And tonight, our house is finally cool!

christina neumann said...

I live in Northern California ,and we get pretty severe winter storms. I don't mind the rain, but I developed a wind phobia after a wind storm knocked down 2 giant ponderosa pines in our yard . One barely missed our house. So now if a windy storm is coming, we often leave and go to hotel. But when we don't, I have to go under a pillow ,as I have anxiety attacks hearing the wind. Ugh!

Chy said...

Wow, Christina, that is pretty scary! I would be very nervous as well whenever a storm would be upon us. Thanks for sharing your story and for visiting my blog today.