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August 28, 2014

Look who arrived!!

Hi everyone!

No new house talk today. No long winded updates. No collages of pictures. I promise! Instead, I'll show you who arrived in our mailbox today. All the way across the sea from the U.K., here's Chester the Racoon!

Chester is a favorite in our preschool classroom. The star of the popular book "The Kissing Hand", he's been a great comfort for little ones who are not quite ready to be separated from mom or dad. Chester's mom kisses his hand, so he can feel the love when she's not with him. Hence the sweet red heart on his left hand. We use Chester a lot a the beginning of the school year but from day one, we've had a bit of a rag tag of stuffed racoons that had a red foamy heart shape glued on. I was so excited to find the real Chester one day while searching for something else on the net. It took most of the summer to arrive from across the sea but the wait was worth the time. There is a whole series of Chester stories but this one has always been, hands down, our favorite.

Can't wait for the 1st day on Tuesday!

Have you ever read "The Kissing Hand?"


Penny Miller said...

Have never read The Kissing Hand but heard a lovely story once of a mummy who sewed a button to her son's shirt cuff and said that it was a magic button, and whenever he pressed it during the day, she would send him a little extra boost of love. In our house, we often read 'Leaving Mrs Ellis' (sorry, can't remember who the author was) which is a really lovely book, probably suitable from about age 6 (though we still read it occasionally even now) which deals very sensitively with the transition from growing up from one school year to the next. We returned to it many times. The illustrations are really beautiful too! X

Chy said...

Thanks Penny. I'll have to search for "Leaving Mrs. Ellis". That sounds like a great story as well. I love how literacy to help children with life experiences on so many levels.