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August 31, 2014

Last August Flowers.

Hi everyone!

Another beautiful and warm summer day was enjoyed by our family. This long weekend has been busy and I'm truly looking forward to having some "down" time tomorrow. Since Friday, we have worked in the garden, painted walls, packed boxes, moved excess furniture to our new storage unit, purged items no longer used and then donated to our local charity shop, organized then cleaned the preschool for Tuesday, shopped for the preschool, shopped for our home and shopped for my closet. More about that later!

We went out to "visit" the new house tonight but before we left for our country drive, I snapped a few pics of the last of our August flowers. Some are starting to fade, others have floated away in the cool breeze but these ones are hanging on and blooming steadily. Love the colors that they exhibit.

My favorite blue blossoms.

Vibrant pink.

Light pink, the shade I love!

More news to share in a bit. 

How you spend your last Sunday in August?


Penny Miller said...

You sound SO busy! Beautiful colours X

Chy said...

It's always a good busy around here. I'm tired tonight but we're ready for school and now I can get back to packing and purging after the school bell rings in the morning!