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August 8, 2014

No! Not Yet!!

Hi everyone!
My favorite time of year is fall. I love the cooler temperatures and the crisp air, the color of the leaves and the warmth of our home, comforting and cozy. We are lucky here to have long fall days as a transition to winter. Days to do some late fall gardening, time to harvest our lavender and fill the pantry with the items we need to start cooking warm, filling meals on cool, winter evenings.
We've had a cool and rainy day here. No storm, just a light rain that has brought some welcome relief from the many hot days we've had. Our garden is loving the mist and the drizzle, drinking in the moisture. Lovely! But as I drove home in the rain, I suddenly had a vision that caused me to literally slam on my brakes! And what did I spy with my little eye?  A single yellow leaf on a large tree. No! Not yet!! We need a much longer summer this year, followed by a really long fall. A single yellow leaf will soon turn into a cascade of color, with leaves dropping from their perch on the limbs of the trees, falling softly to the ground, covering our landscape with crunchy vegetation. This is, for the first time ever, not the sight I wanted to see this year. Especially not this early! Our house is slated to be done by November 1st but only if the weather holds out and all deadlines are met. We truly want to move in before the snow hits. It would be a bonus to get used to driving in the country before the roads are covered in sleet and ice. Please, please, please let the summer reign and our fall show up late this year! It sounds like a selfish plea, when so many world events are catastrophic right now. I just want to move when it's safe to drive, so we can settle in for the winter. Fingers crossed it's all okay!
What is your favorite season?
Have you ever moved in the fall or winter?


Penny Miller said...

Hello Chy, lovely to meet you, thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for putting me on your blog roll, I am truly honoured. Your blog is lovely, I have been reading through some of your posts and am fascinated by your building a house; what an amazing project. I am following you now on bloglovin, so I will be able to keep up with all your adventures. I love your blog title, Laura Ingals Wilder wrote such beautiful books, I loved them as a child, and still do. Hope you get the long, dry autumn you need. Penny X

Chy said...

Welcome Penny! Thank you visiting and sharing your words. I love your blog! I've almost read every post now and look forward to more. The Little House books were a favorite of mine as a child as well and my kids loved reading them too. Natural choice for the name of this blog!