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August 31, 2014

Our Forest.

Hi everyone!

When we were looking for our land 14 years ago, it was really important to us that was a least a few trees here and there. We were very lucky to find this property with a lovely forested perimeter and strands of mini forests dotted all over. Coming in along the curved drive, our front will face the one part that has the fewest trees. We'll probably plant some nice firs to fill in the gaps but for now, this will be a lovely landscape to gaze at as we sit on our veranda.

Garage side, with the front veranda facing northwest.

A bit of a jut where we hope to put 
a nice little bench or a fountain.

The curved driveway out to the lane.

Facing southeast, the backside of the drive.

Peeking through the brush, I love the density.

And the colors are slowly turning amber.

Do you enjoy walking through forests?
Do you live near one in your community?


Penny Miller said...

There is a small wood in our village and I love walking the dog through it, the colours are always changing X

Chy said...

I can't wait for next fall, when we can really watch the changing season so close up. This year, it will be such a difference each time we go out but we'll miss so much of it by going out just once a week. Soon, soon!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love having a good place to walk in the forest and enjoy nature. We drive just a few minutes (in Florida) to a preserve to walk and see wildlife. Enjoy your week! Hugs!

Chy said...

I bet the reserve is a beautiful spot for a walk. Enjoy your week as well!