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August 2, 2014

Cool Summertime Dinner.

Hi everyone!
With our intense heat right now, eating is a challenge. Too hot to bbq, too hot to use the oven but ice cream and popsicles for dinner are not the nutritionally. Found this recipe for cool lettuce wraps and we loved it so much, it's now part of our summer menu.

Red onion and ginger chopped together.
Sweet carrots and celery.
Fresh, lean ground pork.

All cooked up, tender and juicy!
Boiling the Chinese noodles for a minute.
Drained and ready.
Cooking the onion and ginger together.
Fresh and cool lettuce.
Mixing up everything with the Hoisin sauce.
Building a wrap.
Mmmm! Full of flavor!!
All wrapped up and ready to go!
Do you have a favorite cool summer meal?


Lena said...

Sounds delicious!!

Cheapchick said...

That looks really tasty, we have just been bbqing a lot with corn and potato salad/various other salads. I need to get out of the food rut.

Chy said...

Hi Lena. It's a great alternative to "heavy" meals for sure! Now I want to make it tonight but we're having a friend over for a bbq. MMM!

Chy said...

Thanks CC! It's sometimes so hard to get excited about cooking, especially when it's hot out. But this is a great alternative.