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August 25, 2014

Bathroom Chatter!

Hi everyone!

More decisions are on our plate this week. Last night, we finalized the roof selection (twilight grey) with our builder and today he is sourcing out the siding quotes as we have 2 different options: vinyl or hardie plank. We know the latter is more expensive but we don't know at this point by how much and he didn't either, so we wait for a number from him before we decide. Right now, in terms of color, we're stuck on either a dark sage green, a heritage blue or a butter yellow. That one is taking some time and many great debates! Our trim will be white, the roof dark grey, the shutters black, the front door black, the windows white and the stone grey/black. If only we could figure out the siding color! We're almost done picking out the flooring and the wood trim work going inside as well as outside the house is pretty easy to select now.

Today, it's time to talk about the bathroom. Bathroom chatter, shall we say? Our plan calls for a bathtub, tucked under the window, with a lovely arch above the unit. A row or two of ceramic tiles to match the floor, kind of like what you see below. To the left of the tub will be a one unit shower for two, acrylic, with ceramic tile at the top and a glass door. We were worried it would be too dark, even with a pot light, so our builder found another solution and we're waiting for a quote.

This unit is all one piece and the 2 sides of the shower would be ceramic tile all the way to the ceiling, with glass on the front and the side that separates the tub from the shower. The tub would then have ceramic tile like the one above. A bit more "spa like" than the first option, which means it will be a bit more costly than the first. We have a new bathroom that is all tile and really like the look and the "spa like" feel that we currently enjoy. But this would be an upgrade, so a cost we need to consider.

It would look like this. A bit lighter as we have a nice big window above the tub. But the shower wouldn't be so dark. I like it but still not my favorite.

Here's what we've talked about many times over the years. A claw foot tub! We would still have the separate shower, like in the first option. I'm quite willing to suck up my concern about the shower being dark if I can have this baby. We would get a credit for the original tub and then we could buy this unit. Fits in our budget nicely. The only change is we'd need more ceramic tile to go up the walls so there is adequate coverage of tiling for water drips. But so worth the extra dollars to have our bathroom look more authentic to the Victorian style. 

So that's my bathroom chatter for the day. Hopefully, we'll have some numbers to work with later so we can make these decisions quickly. Then it's on to cabinets and paint colors. It's all coming together. Now we just need fall to hold off for a while so the build can be done and we can move before the snow flies!

Have you ever moved in 
the winter months with snow? 


Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

How exciting. I love a claw foot tub too.

Chy said...

I've always wanted one but we didn't have the right spacing in our bathroom to make it work, until now! Thanks for visiting today.

Penny Miller said...

Lots of rapid decision making for you, quite a challenge! Looks like you have all the options sussed! X

Chy said...

Hi Penny! We're getting there. Today, I had to make a split second decision and couldn't get a hold of my husband. But thankfully, we had talked about the color I had to choose a few weeks ago. So I took a chance, approved the choice and when my husband finally connected with me a few hours later, he was happy with the choice. Yeah! More decisions this weekend. Tonight, I am thankful for a quiet night.