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August 10, 2014


Hi everyone!
I'm currently snuggled up on the couch on our deck, with a cold Starbucks green tea to ease my hurting throat. Not feeling the best today. A bit rundown, with aches everywhere. Dh let me sleep in this morning and this afternoon we drove out to see the progress on our house. Not exactly the relaxing day I had in mind, which usually involves gardening or writing or dreaming. Today, laying around has been the only task to tackle. Hoping tomorrow I'm better so I can drive my dear friend P to her doctor's appointment at the hospital in the morning.
On to the progress on the house ....
The last part of the roof being lifted up.

My dh, always joking around, photobombing a pic!
Our Art Studio now has a floor!
Dh's gabled Art Studio nook for his desk ....
.... and across the room, my nook for writing and creating.
The long window that will go horizontally
above our "lockers" in the mudroom.
How the building team leaves notes for each other!
No floor in the garage. Where the workbench will be.
How was your day today?
Any exciting Sunday plans?


Penny Miller said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather, I do hope you feel better soon. Great progress on the house, you must be so excited! X

Chy said...

Hi Penny! Much better today. I think I had a bit too much soon and bit too many late nights last week. All caught up with me. Getting very excited about the house and hoping we get in before the snow. That's our goal!