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August 5, 2014

Agh, more decisions!!

Hi everyone!

One of the fun parts of building a new house is the chance to pick out all the things we want in our space. It's been exciting so far but the decisions can also be daunting. So many things to think of. If we choose an interior door, will it look good with the kitchen cabinets? Will the shade of wood floors we've chosen go well with the paint color? What if the windows we chose give too much light? Or not enough! Did we choose the correct weight of carpet? Can you see the mutin bars in the new windows well enough or are is the width of each too small? Wow! My head is totally spinning with too many ideas. 

Here's our newest decision: we need to choose our front door. Because we're building a Victorian styled home, we want to keep to the style as much as possible. One of the designs we've looked at is similar to this true Victorian door above. Simple and colorful.

But we also love this Craftsman styled door above, even though our home is not a Craftsman one. Can't you just see a lovely, wispy, colorful wreath hanging from that front door? Solid but filled with character. 

Which is your favorite? And why?

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