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August 4, 2014

We have a Roof!

Hi everyone!
We have a roof! Well, almost a roof! The beginnings of the top of the house have begun. The crew started with the end that includes the garage, which houses our Art Studio. You can see the rafters below. The lower right picture shows the opening where the gabled window will go on the back of the house, with another at the front. 

Our little guy is becoming a "country kid" more and more. He loves picking up rocks to stuff in his pockets and searching for little frogs. The house fascinates him but I think the huge space to explore is his favorite.

Different perspectives of the rafters. There is actually another level that goes up even higher to make the peak. In the lower right picture, the piece resting against the tree will be the end wall for the Art Studio. Once it's in place, they will cut out two windows. 

Our builder helping my mom into the house. She and her beau J were so excited to drive out today to see the house. The last time she saw it was well before we had designed the house, so she was surprised to see so much of the house up already! B had a great time "yelling" into the basement and was a bit shocked when he suddenly got a very loud "reply", courtesy of our builder, D!
Our original driveway, which we may keep to make the new driveway into a circular drive. The next picture is our builder and my dh walking away from the house. 
The next time we see the house, the roof should be finished, the windows will be in and the exterior doors installed. From that point, we'll come out to visit as the interior finishing begins. Now comes some of our big decisions like cabinets, flooring, paint, lighting and exterior colors. Lots of fun!!
How was your long weekend?
Was it a long weekend in your region?


Sherri Wood said...

Ain't that grand? It looks very promising. That should keep you settled, amidst all the weather fluctuations in the coming months or seasons. Having that kind of protection above your heads is something that should assure you. I'll be looking forward to the progress of your home. All the best!

Sherri Wood @ Ranger Roofing of Oklahoma

Chy said...

Can't wait for the rest of it to be completed. Soon!