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August 12, 2014

Too Hot to Work!!

Hi everyone!

We're back to having a heat wave this week in our little corner of the wold and today, it was way too hot to work. I went to the hospice but ended up spending quite a bit of time helping my student and my volunteer down in my basement classroom, organizing for start of the fall programs. It was so nice and cool down there! I should have been up in my office working on a budget or sending out notices but the heat on the upper floor was literally, unbearable. We were all sent home early but I came at 7:45 anyway, to beat the heat, so it was still a full day for me. 

I did plan to come home to get some work done but our house was just as hot, so the evening has been a bit of a bust. One load of laundry and some tv watching were the order of the night. My youngest daughter and I had a bit of fun "measuring" out different rooms in the new house to compare the difference in size with the old one. Fun! But quickly we all retreated to various rooms with fans running on cold. Tomorrow is a repeat of today for the forecast but thankfully, I'll be working at my other centre and we have deliciously cold air conditioning there!

How was the weather in your world today?


Penny Miller said...

Sounds exhausting! We are starting to get that 'autumn' feeling drifting in here. I catch it in the early mornings, or as a scent in the evening air, and there a few leaves starting to turn red. X

Chy said...

I love autumn and usually can't wait for it's soft arrival. This year, with the new house build, we want it to hold off as long as possible so our construction crew can keep working. Despite the heat, they are doing 12 hour days right now. I would welcome the cooling down. That would be lovely!

Have a great day Penny!