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August 9, 2014

Love It!

Hi everyone!

I love so many classic movies and can watch them over and over. Occasionally, a new or newer movie will catch my eye and I'm hooked. The first time I watched "Pitch Perfect" there was no turning back. It's actually a movie we've never bought as it seems to be on tv quite a bit. After a busy day of counseling, reorganizing our family centre and helping move the set for my guy's Fringe Production to the theatre, we came home, exhausted but happy. We literally crawled into bed and watched a short episode of "House Hunters". Then dh changed the channel and discovered "Pitch Perfect" was just starting. A movie that is silly but with a good story and great music!

Do you have a favorite movie you like to watch?


Cheapchick said...

Now I will have to watch it, never have. I can watch The Breakfast Club over and over again. Love that movie!

Chy said...

There is actually a Breakfast Club connection in this movie, so you'll definitely need to watch it! Another favorite of mine is The Outsiders and I could watch The Music of my Heart over and over and over ....