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August 31, 2014

Locked Up!

Hi everyone!

A house update tonight. We're not at the "lock up" stage, which means now no one can get into the house at any time, other than the crew with the key. This makes me sleep better at night, even though our house is out in the country and hidden in the trees. I like that no one can just walk through the house anytime they like just because it's open to the world. It's still our house, our property, our domain, even if we don't live there yet. I'm sure our neighbors have walked around inside more than we have. But I put that thought out of my head and now that it's all locked up, I don't even need to think about that one! 

Ordering our front door this week.
For now, a boarded up entrance!

The french door that will go out to the covered deck.

The garage door going out to the back yard.

The door going in to the house.

So happy to be at the "lock up" stage.

If you've built a house, 
what stage did you like the best?

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Giovanni said...

So very happy for you that you are finally at the lock up stage. The progress looks great. My wife and I are taking inspiration from your blog as we are embarking on a similar journey. Our home is being built and we really cannot wait for it to be finished. It has taken so long for the foundation! Thanks.

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware