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August 11, 2014

Our World is Sad Today ....

Hi everyone, 

It's hard to watch the daily news now. I often leave it off. So many conflicts happening around the world, causing grief and loss, of life, homes and livelihoods. Senseless and for most of us, a mystery why war is the only option for resolving conflicts that often have been raging for centuries. My wish for the world is that the weapons and the words stop, to be replaced with love, kindness, goodwill and compassion. A wish that likely will not ever happen but one that I can at least, in my own little world, give to others.

But today, we lost a wonderfully talented and giving individual who brought laughter to our hurting world. Robin Williams died today, at the young age of 63, a victim of suicide. I know the world for a time, will talk about and mourn his death, and then move on. Will we talk about his pain? Will we move towards an understanding of the pain that so many feel and live with, a pain that sometimes becomes so overwhelming, the only option, in the mind of those who suffer, is to end it by ending their life? Will his death create paths for communication? Will we promise to let his death make a difference? 

I hope, after all the shock wears off, and we take time to remember such a special and gifted man, that we'll turn the sorrow into care for his family and for those in the future who may walk down this path. Only I hope in the future, the stigma around suicide will stop and in that process, the need for suicide will stop. We need more programs, we need an openness and willingness to talk about the struggles in life that can be so overwhelming, and we need to offer a safe place for the sufferers to come when they get to this turning point. Not just a phone line. Or counselling. Or drugs. An actual healing place. We rehabilitate drug users. We rehabilitate alcohol abusers. Can we not rehabilitate those who view suicide as an option?

Rest in peace, Mr. Williams. I hope Heaven has welcomed you with open arms, and provided you a place to heal, until your loved ones arrive. Thank you for all you provided for this world: laughter, talent and energy. Robin, we'll all miss your smiling face!


Penny Miller said...

Well said Chy. So very sad about dear Robin Williams, how desperate the poor soul must have felt to take such a step. X

Chy said...

The pain he must have felt. It's almost unbelievable that someone who could have so many resources to access and have so many who love him, could feel that he only had one choice. Sad and wishing yesterday had been different for him!