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December 26, 2015

Tiny Hens.

We will have our big Family Christmas Dinner
tomorrow night so for Christmas Day, we had
our traditional Cornish Game Hens instead of a
turkey dinner. With sweet potatoes and peas.

A light dinner that was tasty but not too filling.
We're all looking forward to turkey tomorrow!

Did you have a traditional turkey dinner?
If not, what did you have instead?


Anne in the kitchen said...

That looks delicious!

We don't have a traditional Christmas dinner at all. We have a blow-out brunch and then I am through cooking for the day. Anyone hungry later is on their own and can have whatever is left, soup, a sandwich or anything else they care to make.

Chy said...

That sounds a pretty smart plan Anne! We may have to try that one year. I love turkey and all the fixings but it's nice to do something a bit different.

Penny said...

We do ham, fish and beef, and lots of vegetables and stuffing. The leftover keep us going for days..... X

Chy said...

I bet the leftovers are amazing!!