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December 3, 2015

Afternoon Sun.

 Our winters are full of short days and limited
sunshine. When we have sunny days, it's a gift!

Long shadows on the snow.

Our veranda with shadows.

Garland and bows for Christmas.

My dream came true this year ....

.... when I finally got to decorate pretty railings.

Our veranda has become a favorite spot.

Snow covered seesaw.

Sun setting, peeking between the trees.

A view from our back porch.

Tiny perennials peeking up through the snow.

What does your afternoon sun look like?
Is your world white and frosty yet?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Your house looks like a Christmas postcard! So beautiful! I have never had a white Christmas in my entire life and don't think I ever will, at least as long as I live here. It's sunny with temps in the hi 50's here now but that is a huge improvement from the hi 70's of last week.

Chy said...

Ah, thank you Anne. It feels like a postcard!