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December 28, 2015


My dh is the chef in the family. And
he was quite convinced that my first
attempt to make traditional Yorkshire
Puddings would not end well.

Well, I proved him wrong! And the
best part? Our Brit friend agreed.

They were light, moist, flavorful,
fluffy and easy to make. Ha! So what
does my dh know about Yorkshire
Puddings? Nothing!! So happy.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Fantastic! I have only made them once and mine were not great. Care to share your secret?

Chy said...

I found a really simple recipe on the net. The trick seems to be light whisking and no opening the oven door until they are done. Maybe I just got lucky with my first try. I'll have to see how the next ones turn out!

Penny said...

They look so good! You are right about not opening the oven door as they need a good blast of high heat to make them rise up X

Chy said...

That means a lot to me Penny. Thank you!!