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December 2, 2015

Grrrrr ....

This is how I'm feeling today. And it's caught me a bit off guard! Life is usually pretty good. When a blip comes along, I know the next day will be better. Sometimes I can let things roll off my shoulders. Other times, I need to sit with the issue for a period of  time until it's resolved or I can write it out of my wee body! Today, I feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over my head. A bunch of little issues, that in themselves are nothing, but are today piling up and making me feel heavy, sad and not very positive. So yes, it's a "Grrrrr" kind of day. Will it be better tomorrow? Absolutely! Can I make it better today? Maybe. I'm working on it. It's sunny out, we're healthy, we live in a beautiful house, in a beautiful country, we need nothing and only wish for world peace and good will to all. I'm sure it seems silly to be writing about a bad day but this is life. This is reality. Not every day is great, no matter how hard we work. And unfortunately, I'm too honest to pretend it's perfect today (or anyday!), so what you get is the real truth. The real truth today? Life sucks for just this moment in time. I promise to return tomorrow, in a better frame of a mind, with a authentic smile on my face!!

How is your day going?
What do you do when life is rough?


Anne in the kitchen said...

I will forever be thankful for my sister. I can call her and get everything off my chest without judgement. We usually wind up laughing then everything is better.

Chy said...

You're so lucky Anne to have a sister. I still have my mom and I know I can share with her and she always gets me laughing. Always a good laugh can make tough times liveable!