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December 30, 2015

Last Time!

Back story: I am NOT a fan of the color red. I believe the trigger for me was an accident I witnessed with my dad and brother when I was about 5 or 6 years old. We were driving home from the football field (my dad was a coach) and the rain was horrendous. Right in front of us, two cars smashed. And one was red. My dad got out of our car to help and he left the door opening. All I remember is the rain pouring into our car and the image of a little girl, with blonde hair like mine, laying across the front of the car.  She had gone through the windshield and the blood from her was mixed with the red of the car. I'm sure she didn't survive and the screams from the other kids and the dad will never be erased from my mind. That's the only thing I can connect to my dislike of the color. 

When we moved to our current house, our family grew and we decided to get new stockings. Our old family room faced north and the light was dim, so these sweet, velvety stockings actually looked like a dark burgundy, not a bold red. When I took them out of the Christmas box this year, in our new house, I couldn't believe the difference in color. So we decided that this will be our last year using them as they now clash with our new decorations and truthfully, they are way TOO red for me! My hope is to carve out some time this year to sew some new ones to be custom, just for us. We looked around at store bought stockings but now appealed to us. I now have an idea in my head, just need to find some time to create a design, shop for supplies, then sew them up. The reveal will take place some time next fall. And these red stockings? They'll be donated so another family can enjoy them. I'm sure they'll be well loved.

Do you hang up stockings?
What do they look like?


Peace Thyme Garden and Weather Station said...

We do hang stockings every year. And, every year, I would like to make some new stockings so that they would all be the same. But my adult children want the ones hung from their childhood. Which means the spouses and significant others and pets have all different stockings. But, that is the tradition for them, I suppose.

Chy said...

That's so sweet they want to hang up the ones from their childhood. Love it! Welcome and thanks for popping in today with a comment. Happy New Year!!