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December 13, 2015

Stop here, Santa!

Our little guy expressed a concern when I had in my car last week that maybe Santa wouldn't know where we live. He's heard a few snippets of conversation about how frustrating it can be to find us out here in the country. We're not far from town, just minutes away, but where our new home is located is a bit of the beaten track. We love that we're part of a subdivision but there is just five of us tucked away, off the main drive, down a little lane, that says "private drive" at the start. So people tend to stop, see the sign, then keep driving, realizing we aren't where they expect to find us. Our neighbor to the west of us is the original owner of all the land and he recently took down the "private drive" sign and put up a really nice new sign, with all five house numbers listed. Now it's much more clear that there are properties down the private drive. And now that the leaves have disappeared, you can actually see a bit of our house peaking through the tree trunks. The last delivery of a parcel last week was easy for the driver to find. However, for a small five year old boy, all he knows is sometimes our guests or delivery guys have a hard time figuring it out. So now he's worried that Santa won't find our house. He said to me "gramma, I'm such a good boy but he won't know I'm here!" Poor little guy!! He's such a thinker. So I was super excited to stumble across a sign we used to put up at our old house, gifted to us by friends, years ago when our kids were small. It was at the bottom of a bin of decorations we don't use anymore and I was going through them to donate away. 

It's a bit beat up and I had to glue new pine cones on the front but this should do the trick so old St. Nick will find our small boy! He is away this weekend visiting his dad but will be home later this afternoon. I can't wait to hear what he has to say when his mom points out the sign as they pull up in to our driveway. I can just imagine he'll have two things to say: "hey, now Santa can find me!" then in the next breathe: "hey, gramma doesn't like the color red!!" Yup, he'll be right on both accounts. Such a smart boy, like gramma. 

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