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December 17, 2015

Thursday Treasures #3.

My Thursday Treasure for this week is my newly renewed interest in cooking. Check out my "practice run" before tackling a huge turkey dinner next week. Roasted chicken with granny smith apples and spices. The real Red Lobster cheese biscuit mix from Costco. Nummy! I've always loved baking and making scrumptious dinners in the fall. The rest of the year, I'm not crazy about cooking. I'm thankful for a husband who loves to cook and at one point in his life, considered being a chef. Now he just practices on his family with his skills. With the new kitchen that I'm still getting used too, I'm discovering a whole new appreciation and love of cooking. And after 30 years of my dh creating Christmas Dinner, guess who gets to help out this year?? That would be me! Can't wait, now that I've had my little practice run. 

Will you join us this week for "Thursday Treasures"? 
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Cheapchick said...

I bought a box of that Red Lobster mix too (*was so jealous when we couldn't get in Canada and so happy when I saw it at Costco!) and you are right, yummo! We don't have one anywhere near us so home baked it is. I love the idea of apples with your poultry - tasty!

Chy said...

It is so good, CC! Almost addicting. We're planning a nice batch to go with our dinners this season.

Penny said...

Nice that yout new kitchen has inspired you to start cooking again Chy! Your chicken dish looks absolutely delicious! X

Chy said...

Thanks Penny! It's been fun to enjoy something so simple but now easier to make with a kitchen that has room.