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December 25, 2015

Too cold to be out!

After a beautiful weather year and
a very warm fall and early winter with
very little snow, we are suddenly in a
cold snap. It's only -14 C at the moment.

But after all our warm temps, this feels like
- 80!! So thankful we're warm and cozy inside.

Tomorrow it's supposed to start warming up again.
For today, we stayed inside, peeking outside on
occasion but quickly shutting the door to keep 
the cold out and the warm in! Brrrrrrrr ........

Our veranda looks festive and everything is covered
in front. Pretty but chilly! No sitting outside for now.

I love the trees. Every time I look outside, I think of
the winter scenes from the Twilight movie series.

What was your world like today?
Warm or cold, was it what you expected?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Your cold weather looks wonderful and what I dream of for Christmas, but no dice__ever. Today it was in the high 70's with thunderstorms and tornado warnings. None touched down in populated areas so the damage was to tree tops only, but it still required a few minutes in the basement waiting for the warning to be over.

Cheapchick said...

Snowing - again! Our slush/snow on the 23rd froze into cement. We were hoping it would warm up and rain to melt it! Looks like we will be off to Canadian tire to pick up some sidewalk salt.

Chy said...

Anne, it's definitely pretty! A little chilly but it will start warming up again tomorrow. I hope that the warnings you are getting have disappeared!

Chy said...

CC ~ that's great you got a bit for Christmas!