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December 31, 2015

Christmas Eve.

Our Christmas Eve started early in the afternoon,
once my dh had arrived home from picking up
some packages from the Post Office. He had the
day off and we planned to be home all day but we
got a notice that some unexpected but lovely
gifts were waiting for us to be picked up. 

So off he drove into town. Thankfully, the Post Office
was nice and quiet and he was soon back home.

We finished wrapping gifts, put the fire on and poured
some wine to share, with yummy cookies on the side.
Outside it was overcast and very frosty but not too
cold. Just enough to make it Christmasy everywhere.

We found a great place to display our Christmas 
cards on the wide windowsill in our Great Room.

After dinner, we watched a few Christmas shows,
then it was time to head off to sleep. Soon, old
St. Nick would be visiting our house and we were
thankful everything was ready so we could sleep!

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