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December 23, 2015

Our Dollhouse Journey.

It's been fun the last little while to work on our dollhouse project, often in the evenings when it's too cold to be outside. It feels like a journey as we do research on how to put a dollhouse together, giving it our own personal touches and figuring out how to source out what we need. Lots of blog reading and bookmarking! Because my art studio has been packed up for so long, this journey, this project have been so timely and so good for my soul. I needed something to keep my hands busy and they are definitely not idle! Budgeting for every day life is always on our minds, so budgeting to fit in the items that are needed for the dollhouse is now part of our spreadsheets. Lots of penny pinching. Fun all around!

The dollhouse when we originally unpacked it,
late in the summer, when it was hot outside.

Almost together! It took quite a bit of
frustration then triumph to get it in place.

The after, all painted and intact. One of our big
decisions was the color scheme. I love what we chose in
end, even though it took forever to decide. The blue and
white is lovely but too cold and not really our style.

Tiny Christmas wreaths I made to dress up the windows.

Garland wrapped balcony and sweet little lights.

More window pictures and the one corner of the
dollhouse. Dh is going to create a "yard" for me.

The ladder was for putting up the lights!

The fountain in front of the veranda. And the tiny
"Merry Christmas" sign we found at the dollhouse show.

Festive sled, too pretty to ride down a snowy hill!

Tiny snowmen, cluster of trees, a little red wagon
and a dog house, just waiting for a precious pup!

What projects are you working on this winter?
Have you ever restored or built a dollhouse?

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