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December 5, 2015

The Beginning of our Rink!

With a 5 year old hockey star in the
family, it was time to make our first
backyard rink. This will likely take
several weeks before its ready. 

But "construction" is now underway.
We have amazing weather right now.
And helpful neighbors. Soon, once it's set 
up and iced, we'll skate under the stars!

Have you ever had a backyard rink?


Anne in the kitchen said...

I have never even thought of having one, since our weather will not entertain such thoughts.

Chy said...

I bet it's too warm there Anne! This is how we amuse ourselves when it's cold outside!!

driftwood said...

oh my, how exciting. happy skating x

Chy said...

We're still working on it Driftwood! It's a big job!!