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December 31, 2015

Finally, Christmas Dinner!

As dusk began to fill our afternoon, we started
making our festive dinner. Our dear friend T,
who is a true Brit, joined us and we had a great
meal. Yorkshire puddings, roasted cornish hens,
sausages, veggies and a winter salad. Oh, and a
lovely baked whole wheat loaf with fresh butter. 

Puddings in the oven.

Dh, dd C1, grandbaby B and T. Dd C2 was taking
her pup outside for a walk before dinner.

T being served by me!

Dd C2 helping B open her Christmas Cracker.

Mmmmmm .... so good!

And then it was all gone!!

How was your Christmas Dinner?
What was on your menu?

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