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December 31, 2015

A Nice Ending to 2015.

Today, we experience three very nice things that made the end of the year even sweeter. The first was news that our charity that we started and are actively and passionately involved in each day was chosen to be the Charity of the Month for August of 2016 by our local fondue restaurant. This means not just funds for our programs but great exposure for our organization as well. We are so excited and this is so timely as we have two big Walks each fall, so the promotion will be so beneficial for our little charity.

The second thing that happened was dh booked a trip to our favorite island off the West Coast. We be gone again for ten days, like we did back in October. But because we have a long weekend in the month of May, when we'll be away, we'll only have to claim five days off work. A ten day break, paid for, but only five days taken as actual holiday days. Two full weekends means two Saturday Markets. Yes! Can't wait to go again. This trip always makes winter go a bit faster. 

And the third great thing today? Dh brought home my favorite desert to celebrate ~ a key lime pie. We had our first piece tonight and it was pure Heaven. Should last us all through the weekend ~ pure bliss!

So how was your last day of 2015?
Anything special happen to end the year?

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