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December 31, 2015

My 2016 Goals.

I've never liked the word "resolution" so I substitute the word with "goals" which for me are gentler and more realistic. My goals for this new year of 2016 are quite simple: 
  1. be outside more ~ easy now that we live in the country with peace and quiet all around us
  2. save more money this year to pay down our mortgage ~ we've made a good start with our savings
  3. use my time more wisely for creative art instead of just working and not creating art
  4. continue to find ways to have my team take on more of my tasks so I can create more art
There we go. Easy peasy! Nothing that isn't achievable, all very sensible. Now tell me, do you have goals set aside for this year? If so, please share so we can applaud your enthusiasm!! Share them here or send me a note. Waiting ....


Penny said...

Great goals Chy! Good luck with them all! X

Chy said...

So far so good!