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December 31, 2015

A Special Surprise.

We have tons of pictures of the kids opening gifts
but I don't have their permission to post so I've
limited my pics tonight to just dh and I for now.
A couple to fill some time of me opening treasures.

A coloring book to keep my hands busy when I
can't sit still. This is a big issue right now!

A tiny gift with a lovely outcome ....

.... it's a gift card to Chapters/Indigo. Yes, books!!

And then the surprise gift, from all our kids to me.

Had to take my glasses off to see better. A pretty
box. But what's inside? I was racking my brain.

And then the moment I realize what they did.

They designed a family ring for me with all 8 of us on it!!

Sorry for the silly shot. I was not trying to be rude,
just showing what it would look like on my finger.
Not in true scale of course. Waiting now for my ring
to arrive so I can wear it for real. Feeling so loved!!

Did you receive a gift that was totally unexpected
and so very special? If so, tell us all about it!


~Carla~ said...

Love the shots! Sometimes family shots like that are called for.. ;) hahaha!! You have beautiful hair by the way! Can't wait to see photos of your 'real' ring!! :) I did receive an amazing gift which I'll be sharing soon on my blog! Happy New Year!!

Chy said...

Ah thanks Carla. The hair hadn't been washed yet and the grey is really starting to show. But I love having long hair. So easy! Can't wait to see your amazing gift!! Happy New Year!!