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December 31, 2015

Scrumptious Christmas!

 When we wake up in the morning,
it's usually pretty sunny. But this
year, on Christmas Morning, we
woke up to fog and overcast skies.

We had a relaxed beginning to our day that
included icing more cookies and putting the
Christmas trays for the day together. This way,
we can snack all day until our big dinner.

Sugar cookies, shortbreads, butter tarts, rum balls,
mint cookies and varied squares soon filled our trays.

My three favorites: pink sugar cookie, a warm
butter tart and my shortbread melting moments. 

As dh started to make breakfast, it got
a bit lighter outside. The day was warm.

But definitely not as sunny as we're used 
to at this time of day. It was still lovely.

Once our big breakfast off cheesy eggs, bacon, whole
wheat toast with raspberry jam and chocolate milk.
After breakfast, we made some more trays with cheese
and crackers, and foccia bread with dipping oils.

A yummy day with lots of treats and good laughs!

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