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December 19, 2015

Soft Glow.

Growing up, I can remember the day a piano arrived at our house. My brother and I were so excited and dived into lessons. My dad was a gifted musician who could play by ear, a trait I wish I had inherited. But didn't! It was hard work but something I did enjoy. We moved when I was twelve and the lessons stopped. But my parents kept that piano for years, finally selling it the year they retired. My grandmother had already gifted us her piano so my mom didn't pass along ours to the family. It wasn't an antique like my gramma's and no one else was wanting to have it, so off it went. My mom never really decorated the top of the piano. I think she had a picture and that was it. To me, as well as being a musical instrument, it is a lovely piece of furniture and I've always loved changing out the top, with the seasons in mind. Or my mood!

Growing up, I always wished we could have had a piano (or mantel) clock, with some lace and fairy lights. Maybe some candle holders. A lamp or family photos. Nope, just plain, open, sometimes dusty was how mom kept our childhood piano. The other day we found a string of garland at the charity shop, brand new, with lights. I couldn't wait to get home to "dress" the piano. And the shot above is what I came up with. Hope you like it! 

Did you have a piano growing up?
Do you have one now as an adult?


Anne in the kitchen said...

I had a piano growing up and I have one now which is used almost daily. When any of my sons come home for a visit it is the first thing they touch. As young boys they loved to play sports of any kind. As a trade off they had to take piano. And now that they are grown no one plays baseball or football but they all play the piano.

Chy said...

I think you gave them a great trade off and it's inspiring to hear they still play! Thanks for sharing Anne.

Penny said...

My dad was a very good pianist, and composed music as well as playing it. My sons are both musical, and I jealously claim this trait as having come from my side of the family, as is so many other ways they are like my husband's side. It is a wonderful instrument, I am sorry I never learned to play. I love how you have decorated yours. I too would have photographs and lights or candles along the top if I had a piano X

Chy said...

It's great to have family members that can play. I wish I was better but grateful my dad, my husband and now some of my kids can play by ear. So jealous!