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December 31, 2015

The Big Santa Gift for my DH!

My dh has for years "hinted" that one day, if he was ever able to have a theatre room, it wouldn't be complete without a real popcorn machine. In red, of course. And he knows I hate the color red!Since moving into our new house, the theatre room has been a project to put together. Now that it's finally complete, it was just missing one item. A popcorn machine. And dh has been looking actively for searching since we unpacked. Unfortunately, every one we came across was bright red. I kept saying "no, not until we find one in a different color" to which he would reply "but they only come in red!!" I was very shocked to receive an email from Costco back in the fall with a sales flyer and guess what was a featured product? Yup, a popcorn machine, in black with white and green trim. How perfect is that? I'm not good at keeping secrets and this was a really hard one to keep but totally worth the look on his face when we took him down to the theatre room after gift opening. Told him I needed the ladder that was down there to hang up a garland that was down. He fell for it and walked down to giggles with his girls hiding out in the room to see his reaction! So happy he was thrilled with this special and very unexpected gift. We finally tried it out the other night and it worked beautifully.

Popcorn popping!

Filling the bin. Smells soooo good!

The first serving for dh.

One happy guy!!


~Carla~ said...

Well how awesome is that!!?? He looks so happy!! :)

Chy said...

He was so surprised and so excited. And he also loves that it wasn't red!!