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April 18, 2021

Vaccine Report.

We were privileged to be able to book in to have our vaccines done on Friday and here's my little report. I felt fine all day, not nervous but hopeful. Slightly worried that I'd have a reaction but we took along my epiPens and the Pharmacist was amazing. She did mine first so I could be observed for a longer time and no reaction. That was a great relief. The shot itself was a tiny prick! No pain. Next was my daughter and then dh. All had similar reactions ~ no pain. We took a few photos to capture this moment we've all waited so long for over the last year. I thought I might cry but I think I was more relieved to be finally here and so much gratitude filled my mind and my heart. The team at the pharmacy was amazing and we are looking forward to going back in when it's time for the 2nd dose. We did have a short trip to another community but in our hamlet, the earliest available appointments weren't until mid May. We lucked out and grabbed these slots and it worked out well. On our way home, we stopped to celebrate with a DQ Blizzard. The first of the season and very well deserved.

The Pharmacist was very clear we would likely feel just fine the first day but by the next day, we would be cursing her name as our arms would be super sore. Dh and dd both had super sore arms. Mine was just a bit achy right on the site but no where else. However, we did do some work later when we got home outside and then yesterday we trekked in to town and bought lumber to create a deck for the shed we bought. Lots of moving and lifting. I do recall my Naturopath saying after the shots she gives me (4 month flu shots and B12's) to move my arm around a lot after the injections so that may have helped. Today, no ache. So we've passed the first hurdle and are hopeful the second injection will be fine as well. Once we finished up a few tasks, we settled in to relax for the night. I had bought the latest editions of "The English Garden" and "Bliss Victoria" to read the other day. It was hard not to peek but I wanted to have something to look forward to at the end of the day. Always fun to have something to work towards. A personal present.

All for now but will be back later today with my "Right Here.
Right Now" post. Namaste my blogging buddies!

~ Chy


Lorrie said...

Great report! Did you have the Astrazeneca? Just 10 days until ours!

Chy said...

There are 3 options here so we chose the Moderna. Our health authority suggested that those working in health care avoid the AZ vaccine, and I work in a hospice, even thought we're mostly at home still. Now we wait for the 2nd dose. Fingers crossed.

Excited for you Lorrie. Be well. Stay safe!

X Chy

Debi said...

Congratulations on getting your first vaccine! I'm glad you didn't have any ill effects.

Betsy said...

I'm so glad it all went well for you and I think the DQ stop was well earned. I'm full vaccinated for about 3 weeks now and it's a wonderful feeling to know that I'm as protected as is possible. I feel better getting out to the grocery stores now although I still wear a mask and wash my hands a lot.
Take care.