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April 10, 2021

Lamp and Light.

We found new lamps for our Master Bedroom last week. Actually not NEW but new to us. A lovely lady on Marketplace was selling both for $30. The bottom is ornate and I love the little hanging beads. The color is perfect and we have better light now when we crawl in to bed to read. Very happy with this purchase and thankful for someone who took great care of an item and then passes it along.

Walked past the upper balcony last night and had to take this shot of the late day sun hitting the window and the wall. Yesterday was quite gloomy but then just before sunset, the sun appeared! We were told it would rain all day today but we've woken up to pure blue skies so we'll see if that changes. Painting the board and batten on our lower level this morning then this afternoon we're heading in to the Big City to pick up a miniature kit (potting bench) and a mini weathervane from a fellow dollhouse maker. Then back to our little hamlet to go car shopping for a bit. Dh's lease on his vehicle is up at the end of the year so we want to start figuring out his next move. He leases because his payment is a 100% write off on his taxes due to the nature of his job. Gas is 100% as well as maintenance so it's a win win for us. He's looking at a more sporty model instead of an SUV. Should be fun to look! We'll narrow down our list so we're ready in December when we have to make a deal. No test driving though until we're vaccinated. Not risking our lives over a car. Busy day but good stuff. No other plans yet. 

Wishing you a beautiful 
sun filled day! Namaste.

~ Chy


Debi said...

The lamps are so pretty! We need good reading light in our bedroom too. I hate car shopping. If I could just look uninterrupted it would be a much better experience. Hope you have a great weekend... it sounds busy!

Chy said...

Thank you Debi! I think we'll especially love them in the Winter when it's so dark outside and we head to our cozy bed early to read.

Car shopping is definitely one of my least favorite things. Necessary but like pap smears and injections, something I hate! We ended up not going as it began to snow here .... so we stayed home and started creating our soil less soil to plant our veggie seeds. Can't wait to see the little sprouts begin.

Have a wonderful weekend! Be well. Stay safe.

X Chy