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April 15, 2021

Gardening Plans.

Thinking about gardening today and as I was searching for compost, this popped up in images. A sweet earth rammed cottage print. Wouldn't this be the loveliest get away? If it was only real. Reminds me of our little island cottage.

Plans for the gardens this year:

1. Empty out the potting shed and paint it white inside
2. Find wood shelving for the greenhouse and paint sage
3. Fill the raised garden beds with dirt, cocopeat and compost
4. Increase the flower beds and fill with perennials/bushes
5. Move the fir trees we planted over to the front gardens
6. Repaint the decks as we have skate marks from the rink
7. Add stone to the front veranda skirting OR wooden lattice
8. Re~gravel the driveway as its' starting to have some ruts
9. Re~create our front path/add in paths in the woods
10. Figure out how to create a gate to keep the bad guys out ~ no bad guys around but it would be lovely when we can travel again to not have anyone drive in to our property while we're away ~ always a worry when we're not here

It's going to a lovely warm day and I don't have to work the entire day as I've done 2 almost 12 hour days in the last 2 days. Shorter day today so we'll be outside later and then tomorrow is our official day off and the only thing we have planned is our vaccines, so hoping to start getting some work done outside. Looking forward to having time for gardening again this year and hope we can get a lot of it done. No meetings tonight and I'm looking forward to a bit of down time after such a busy few weeks. The weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny on Saturday but cool and cloudy on Sunday. Today we'll wash down the rink liner and set it out to dry, then fold it away. We'll also wash down the deck furniture. Even though it was stored for the Winter, I like to give it a good wash before we put the cushions on. We've had a couple of bbq's already, but need to make a list of food to buy as we need some groceries. Window washing will begin as well to get the dust and water marks off all our glass. We may use the cooler day to straighten out the garage and decide what will go in to the shed once we have that built. Also have to do an inventory of the wood we have tucked away to see if we have enough to build the base next week or if we need to head in to town to buy more. Lumber has increased 500% in price in the last year so hoping we don't have to buy more. Good to have a stash tucked away.

I'm off to do my workout, shower, then a staff meeting about social media, a break, then 2 back to back counselling sessions and I'll be done by 2 today. Excited for a slower pace and time to enjoy the blue sky and warm weather. Hope you have an amazing day planned out and get to enjoy all of it. 

Namaste my blogging buddies.

~ Chy


Debi said...

You are going to be very busy! Good luck with all your projects.

Chy said...

Thanks Debi. It's a busy time but always good stuff!

X Chy