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January 30, 2015

They're here!!

Our mantels, that is. They arrived today, 
just as the snow started falling gently from
the sky. The delivery guys were so great,
even trying their best to set the boxes neatly
in our living room. I tipped them & then
eagerly started to unpack the wrapping so
we could gaze at the pieces that in a few
short weeks will be installed to create
two lovely & very different mantels, on
two different fireplaces, in two different
spaces in our home. We have a fireplace
in the house we are in now but it's a wood
burning unit & we haven't technically
used it in years. Now, with the switch of
a button, we'll be able to have a fire at
any time, during any season, when we wish.

Tomorrow we'll unwrap more of the 
packing materials but for tonight, we are 
content to go to sleep knowing these
special boxes arrived safely, all the way
from New York, across the border &
then they made the trek across our
vast country. One more trip from
our suburban home out to the forest!

How was your day?
Any new snow to report?

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