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January 22, 2015

Back to his Beloved.

Today, we had the viewing to say our final goodbye
to our Beloved dad, grampa, pops. He was always a
dapper dresser & today he was outfitted to the 9's!

A beautiful suit, complete with his favorite tie &
his smart hat, perched just right on his head. He
looked so peaceful but I did keep wishing he'd
just wake up. But true to his stubborn streak, he
didn't grant my wish. We spent time sharing our
memories & then headed home. Tomorrow, he'll
be cremated & we'll bring him his urn to keep here
until we have a family celebration later in the year.

We now have both mom's wedding ring & his band.
When we take dad back to the forest to bury his urn
beside mom, his final wish to be with his Beloved will
be granted. Together they walked this Earth for over
40 years. And now they'll be together again, in their
Heaven and I'm sure creating mischief wherever
they trek. Keeps us laughing & feeling comforted
knowing they'll be arm in arm again, after almost 10
years apart. Two loves, scheming & dreaming!!


Penny Miller said...

So sad but you are all trying to think beautiful thoughts and that is always a help. Hope they are reunited X

A Brit in Tennessee said...

At peace together for eternity, what could be a greater blessing.