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January 3, 2015

On It's Way!

There was one gift that wasn't ready before Christmas for my film director husband. Custom made but unfortunately the artist had a huge backlog. She offered to refund my money when I sent in my order, but I really wanted him to have this. She sent it off a few days ago and we're expecting it to arrive early this coming week. To surprise him on the big day, I took a shot of this picture and wrapped it up in a big box. He loved it and laughed that I was worried about it being late. Now he has something to look forward too next week! I can't wait for this little package to arrive in the mail.

His initial will be "B" instead.

Have you ever received a Christmas gift after the big day?


Penny Miller said...

What a fabulous, unique gift! How thoughtful you are Chy! X

Chy said...

I was so excited to find it, even if it was too late for delivery before Christmas. Can't wait to see it!