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January 13, 2015

Good News!!

We just got off the phone with my
husband's dad's partner. She shared
with us that the test results came in
after we left from visiting today. And
the news is so good!! His heart attack
was minor, there is no blockage, he
will not require any surgery, he will
take a course of medication and do a
bit of rehab at the gym. They are going
to keep him in the hospital until the
weekend to get his strength back up
& then he can go home. So excited
that the news is better than we could
have ever anticipated! The best thing
ever to celebrate his 80th Birthday!!


Lorrie said...

That is excellent news!

Penny Miller said...

Good news! X

Chy said...

Best news ever Lorrie!

Chy said...

Feeling very blessed today Penny. I think I even slept for the whole night!

Cheapchick said...

Such good news - so glad for him.

Chy said...

He may even by home by the weekend. We're off to visit in a while to get the news.