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January 4, 2015

Brrrr!! It's Cold!

It's been a very lazy day around our house. We woke up to discover that the temperature outside this morning was a very cool - 44 degrees celcius. By the time we were ready to finally emerge from our warm and cozy bed, it had warmed up to a brisk - 32. Brrrr!! Thankfully, it was sunny.

Although we knew it was going to be cold, we didn't really anticipate it would get this bitter. I'm thankful we managed to get so much done earlier in the week so that today could be a true "day of rest" in this house. After a week of choosing lighting, finalizing flooring, agonizing over doors, knobs, counters and paint, it was lovely to not rush to get up. We treated ourselves to breakfast in bed, then hot baths, chili and biscuit making for dinner, laundry, tidying up the Christmas "room" and dh hung up the new light we bought for our current kitchen nook. It's so pretty!!

But outside it still looked like this all day. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be -42.

How cold was it in your world today?


Cheapchick said...

4 degrees and raining - sorry! Part of the reason I love living on Vancouver Island is I can no longer stand those bitterly cold Alberta winters. The youngest kid that moved in with us is determined to move back to Alberta right after she graduates here - fine with us but she better be prepared for the bloody winters!

Chy said...

Too funny. We moved to the coast and came back!