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January 1, 2015

A Year Ago ....

.... I posted my goals for 2014. You can read the whole post here or take a peek at the list below: 

* I hope we get a chance to meet new people this year.

* I hope we continue to enjoy good health this year.

* I hope we are able to travel with family 
to create new memories this year.

* I hope my centre is able to continue 
to help families grow strong and healthy this year. 

Did I achieve these goals, these hopes, these resolutions? Absolutely and better than I hoped. 

* We did meet new people this year 
and I am thankful those relationships are growing. 

* Our health was much better than 2013. 
We managed to avoid any flu bugs, 
with just some minor colds along the way. 
I only had to visit my naturopath once this past year 
and it was basically a routine check up with
adjustments to my supplements. I found a new
chiropractor and love her! I have one more appointment
on Monday and then I'm down to just exercising,
with a "tune up" here and there. 

* The trip we took to Disneyland in April fulfilled
my third hope and it was the trip we had dreamed of.
We hope to go back in 2016 and are saving already.

* At our centre, our numbers were up quite nicely this year.
I have no worries and know the impact we made will 
continue through this coming year. Good work!

With all the busyness of the last few weeks, I haven't had a chance to sit and create my list of hopes for 2015. But it's only the first day of the New Year! Today, we're off to see the third Hobbit movie with our girls. Even though I'm married to a film maker, I personally detest going to movie theatres. I always find them cold, noisy, someone always kicks my sit and I get too distracted and don't enjoy the movie as much as being at home. However, a couple of years ago, we ventured into the city to the new theatre that caters to adults only. The seating is huge and reclines, with "aisles" between each row of seats, so no one can kick the seat in front. They have waiters to bring you a meal or just snacks from a menu, there is a wine list and the food is great. You have to book your seat ahead, so there is no rushing to find a good spot. And no kids! I love kids, but not when I want to concentrate on a good show. We saw Les Miserables two years ago and really enjoyed our time. It's a bit more than a standard ticket but not much and for the experience, worth the extra few dollars. We tend to wait to see movies at home but this is a nice treat for us once a year. Once we're home later tonight, I'll post my new list. 

Do you have a list of hopes and dreams for this new year?
Hoping your first day of 2015 is going well!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Happy New Year.

Chy said...

Happy New Year Joy! I wish you a year of family, good health and love!!