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January 9, 2015

Back in School.

I started classes on Monday for 12 weeks.
Today, I vegged on our couch and read,
took notes, watched videos, listened to
audio tapes and began to prepare for the
first exam this weekend. Homework is now
a common term back in our lives as I'm
not the only one who started this week.
Our oldest dd is in full time now for
nursing. And my dh is also taking a course 
right now. My program is much shorter.Then 
I have to decide what the next move will be.

As a life long learner, I am truly grateful
for the opportunity to continue my
post-secondary education, in my own
time, with my family and my employers
support. Textbooks litter our domain and
many discussions have taken place about
schedules, learning styles, funding and
deadlines. But I wouldn't have it any 
other way! If when it gets stressful.

Is post-secondary in your future?


Penny Miller said...

I have had quite a lot of adult education since leaving school, and have gained so much from it. When the children are grown up, I'd like to do some more. I love the thought of being about 65, at college or uni with lots of 18 and 19 year olds! I'd learn so much about the world! X

Chy said...

I finished one program back in 2010 and was so excited to walk across the stage, in cap and gown, for graduation. But everyone else was so young! A few my age and even older but most were just babies. It was a great time and I look forward to doing that again in time.