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January 11, 2015

No more Frugal Friday's!

I love our "Frugal Friday" shopping trips.
But with Christmas, our build and now moving,
our weekly trips to the charity shop have stopped.

I miss hunting for treasures and peeking inside
boxes to find vintage items and old books.

Once we're unpacked and settled, I'm sure our treks
and posts for "Frugal Friday" will begin again. 

Until then, I'll happily drool over everyone else's
posts from your frugal adventures!

Any Frugal Friday treasures you can share?


Penny Miller said...

Chy, my house is Full of charity shop finds! I should take inspiration from you and start sharing them on my blog! X

Chy said...

That would be great Penny. A showcase of your treasures!! X