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January 26, 2015

A Sea of Red.

Today, our nation will be honoring the bravery
& the life of one of our RCMP Officers. He was
cowardly gunned down a week ago and never
woke up from his injuries. His family, his wife
& three young sons, will be forever changed.

The red serge is the traditional uniform of our
nation's police force. Thousands of David's
colleagues will be attending the funeral, in red,
with honor. And the community, every man,
woman & child has been encouraged to wear
red today, to show our love & our support for
David & his family & his RCMP family.

A beautiful man, who was dedicated to his
career, working with children in schools,
mentoring teens, raising his own children
& a husband to his lovely wife. So sad today
that the nation is in mourning & that there is
not justice for such a painful experience.
The Regimental Funeral will be broadcast
live. Just a few miles from our home, we're
feeling how large this event will be, with red
everywhere in uniforms & civilian wear, &
white ribbons lining the streets, along with
candles & porch lights lit everywhere.

A nation mourns.
A nation asks "why?"

Rest in Peace, David.
Our nation will forever remember you!


Penny Miller said...

How tragic X

Chy said...

Tragic, sad and so unnecessary. The individual who shot him should have been in jail. He was out on parole and missed the deadline and was on the run for weeks. Sadly, if they had kept him in, as he should have been with his history of violent crime, this constable would be alive today. No one understands why the other guy was out to begin with.