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January 9, 2015

Big Decision!

We've made many big decisions about our
new house over the last few weeks. Some
were a lot of fun, some were a bit stressful.
But now we've come down to the biggest
decision of all. We need to choose paint!

Paint to cover all the walls. We're allowed
to pick one color, with the trim and doors a
different color altogether. Then we will need
to choose a paint color for all the cabinets.

With all the vintage features we've worked
hard to create, this is the hardest decision as
it's something we want to be able to live with
for several years. One of the things we're
truly looking forward to is the chance to
move into our house without having to do
any work. Every house we've lived in has
been a totally renovation. Living in dust,
projects and constant changes is really hard.
This will be so lovely to move in and truly
enjoy. So it's so vital that we choose the right
color, the right shade, something we can live
with happily for quite a while.

Any suggestions? What colors work well 
for a warm and inviting feel for a home?


Penny Miller said...

I'm a 'green' girl. Chy, I think it is warm, and versatile colour, but if you have to paint the whole house, I guess a warm buttery cream colour would be best for a country style house, and a good neutral backdrop for all your furnishings and belongings. I know you have lovely taste, so you will make the right decision! X

Chy said...

This is my dilemma Penny as green is my favorite color and would be my first choice. But we ended up choosing green for our siding color, along with grey, black and white. We may still have a bit of green inside but leaning towards a creamy yellowish. White trim. Our range, from the U.K. will be ivory with black trim. We might do green cabinets. Thanks for your suggestion. I so treasure your thoughts!