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January 9, 2015

House Progress.

We haven't been out to the house since
before Christmas. Yesterday was a big day
as we met with our builder, the kitchen
cabinet maker and the foreman. Things
are now moving right along swiftly.

Our first inside view of the front door.
It will be painted when the other doors arrive.

Until now, we had only seen the outside.
I love this door. Grand but not too grand!

We forgot that we would have rounded corners.
A softer look for a comfortable home.

Messy floors that will be cleaned before
the wood floors are installed.

Two guys talking about windows.
This is when I get to take off to take pics!

First coat of mudding and taping is now done.
Next will be painting, then doors and trim.

Then flooring, cabinets, lights and all the 
little final jobs that will make it our home.

I love this time of day when the sun shines in.
Low and not bright but enough light to be cozy.

The turret on the main floor.
We haven't chosen our banisters yet.

I'm told this is so they don't lose this tool.
I'm promised it will be removed by possession!!

That's our update for this week. The next time we 
go out, they will have started painting.

Guess we should pick out our paint colors!!

How has your first week of January been?


Cheapchick said...

Cool - it looks like a real house! When do you move in?

Chy said...

Our builder is aiming for March 1st. I told him yesterday that we're not in a huge hurry. We still have to list this house, a huge worry for me. Meeting with our banker to see if there is a way to move first then put sell this house. It has no mortgage, so not sure if the can throw one on for a month or two. Lots to do!

Penny Miller said...

Lots of progress! How exciting! X

Chy said...

It's looking good Penny. Starting to really feel like a house, not just a building! X