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January 12, 2015

On the Mend.

Well our year has certainly started out with
a bit of excitement. My father in law was not
feeling to well on Monday, so his partner was
worried enough that she convinced him to go
to the doctor on Tuesday. Tests were run but
nothing was detected, so they were sent home.

On Saturday, he was pretty sleepy and not
truly himself. She called us, concerned and
then a few hours later, called again but this
time, she was in the ambulance with him. He
was having a difficult time breathing and she
did the right thing. Turns out, last Monday, 
he had a heart attack but no one knew because
he didn't display the classic signs. Now he's
in the cardiac unit of our hospital and being
very well taken care of. Tomorrow, we should
learn if he'll need an angiogram to unblock
his arteries. He's rarely ill,has never been in 
the hospital and he's turning 80 tomorrow!

So thankful today for a great medical system,
caring professionals and a state of the art
heart institute in our back yard. Glad he's
joking around, off the oxygen, no iv and
walking around the unit, anxious to get home.

A busy weekend but all is calm now. 

How was your weekend?


Penny Miller said...

Sorry to hear your father in law had a heart attack, hope I
He has a swift and smooth recovery X

Chy said...

He's doing really well Penny. Thank you for your kind wishes! X

Cheapchick said...

Glad he is ok and upright. Medicine has advanced so much, as long as too much damage is not done upfront in the heart attack people seem to be able to withstand them and get better much quicker.

Chy said...

We feel so fortunate to have the heart institute here. People complain about health care but from our experience this past week, he's in the best hands and in the best place.