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January 24, 2015

Mixed Up.

My precious blog, that is! The background I had carefully chosen & was totally in love with has completely disappeared!! And when I tried to add a different one to replace it, it mixed up my font & border colors. I'm so sorry! Trying to find out what happened to my provider. Someone did post on the Facebook page that their background was also mysteriously missing & the website won't load any longer, so I may be hooped to keep what I had. Trying tonight to make it all pretty again. Could be a long work in progress!! I hope you'll stick around. 


Penny Miller said...

Chy your background was very pretty, but readers come back time and time again to read your words, not look at the background so don't worry-we'll keep coming back regardless! Tetchy glitches are such a monumental bore, aren't they? X

Chy said...

Thanks Penny. I did love it and am so disappointed that the site that hosts the graphics is down. Fingers crossed it comes back. I've decided to just leave it for now as I was getting frustrated and now think the white is okay. For now! X