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January 9, 2015

Keeping Calm!

I made a bit of an error today and turned the tv on.
That translated in to being transfixed by CNN.
And getting tense and upset about world events.

Then my computer beeped and there was a note
from my beloved Chiropractor, along with some
exercises to work on for my very sore back.
Her note brought me back to reality. 
And I quickly shut the tv off!

Back to life here, blogging, reading and studying.
Out of respect for those killed and their families,
I have lit a candle to remember. Wishing for 
Peace to come back to our World.

How are you handling these events?
Are you affected? Care to share a tip or two?


Penny Miller said...

I am almost in despair at time Chy to be honest. The older you get the more you realise how fragile life is, and with every passing day I grow more grateful for the (relative ) safety of our lives. I am sure UK will be next for attacks. So terrifying. X

Chy said...

I had a hard time sleeping last night as the news reporters said that there is a movement in Canada that will begin to target civilians. I believe we all have the freedom for our beliefs but when it takes the lives of innocent people, is it worth it? I am terrified with you! Praying the U.K. is not targeted ....